Children’s K Song Microphone Microphone Classic Audio Toy Musical Instrument Microphone K Song Treasure Gifts For Kids

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Bullet Points:
1、Intelligent noise reduction and intelligent mixing sound
2、Bluetooth connection wireless for singing anytime and anywhere.
3、Metal capacitor hoe for effective protection of the inside of the microphone core.
4、Owing to 3D texture metal mesh cover and built-in sponge spray, it improves the noise reduction effect and makes the singing more powerful.
5、Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, it effectively guarantees you have a long time to addiction.

1.[Output power] 5W [frequency range] 100HZ~10KHZ
2.[Maximum sound pressure level]>115DB1KHZTDH<1%
3.[Reverb mode] sound effect reverb
4.[Power supply] Built-in 18650 lithium battery
5.[Battery capacity] 1800MAH

6.[Charging Power Supply] DC-5V

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