15PC Kids Bedroom Fluorescent Glow In The Dark Music symbol Glow Wall Stickers

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15PC Kids Bedroom Fluorescent Glow In The Dark Music symbol Glow Wall Stickers
Product Usage:
★ You can put a small patch of luminous light on the wall, ceiling, glass, box, Christmas tree, refrigerator, etc…Where you can think of it, when you turn off the lights at night, you only see A small, sparkling note, it’s beautiful.
★ Don’t underestimate it. It’s just a small piece of luminous board, but it can make your “sky” no longer empty, or you can stick it on the glass to play an embellishment. When you drop, you find a lot of beautiful notes in the sky, letting you sleep until the big day, you can also let your baby feel the sound of the notes accompanying him, as if sleeping in the embrace of nature, let the night no longer lonely Enjoy a fairytale dream.
★Each bag is equipped with double-sided tape. When you are lying in bed, surrounded by notes, you feel like sleeping in the clouds, the notes are blinking at you, romantic enough. Made with luminous powder, the darker the environment, the brighter the decorative sticker. The product meets safety standards.
Principle of illumination:
★The principle of luminous light, the luminous products are excited by sunlight, light and other visible light rays to absorb and store energy. It can be naturally illuminated in the dark for a long time. The product repeatedly absorbs light and has a life span of more than 15 years.
Luminous time:
★ The product itself does not produce light, relying on light absorption and brightening, strong light for several tens of minutes; in a completely dark environment, low light time is up to 10 hours. If the brightness of the environment exceeds its own brightness, it does not appear to be radiant, but there is light in the dark environment.

★ 15pc Music symbol Glow Wall Stickers
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